Eat Your Pop Corn With No Regrets

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super snack recipe today from our favorite Greekista  !Pop Corn from cauliflower!Hoorayyyyy





Greekista is an architect interior designer  with an extremely big talent for DIY and good food.We asked her for a super healthy snack and this is what she made.


Pop Corn from Cauliflower

When you need to take care of your diet, you have to be extremely careful … but this doesn’t mean that you can not enjoy delicious snacks from foods that are full of vitamins, boost your metabolism, energize your body and … wait for it, you can eat as much as you want!!!!

Who doesn’t love popcorn? Unfortunately nutricionists say to not eat large amounts of corn, and of course not when they are full of butter like the super delicious pop corn you can find in the cinema...

 So I experimented in my kitchen  and I made this unique delicious popcorn which is so healthy and the most important? So tasty!!!

Have you tried popcorn from …… cauliflower?

It is so simple to make it!


What you need:


1 cauliflower

2 tbs. olive oil

1/4 cup grated cheese



paprika or curry (optional if you like it spicy!)


How you make them:

1. Wash your cauliflower and with your hands begin slowly to take off  ”the pompons”







2. Cut your cauliflower in tiny and round pieces.






3. Mix all your ingredients together.


4.Place them in a baking pan – Don’t forget to use baking paper first






5.Bake them for 45 minutes at 190 degrees.


Tip: Every 15 minutes shuffle them with a spatula.

Your popcorn is ready! Eat it hot! It’s crunchy and delicious!






I suggest to eat it while  watching your favorite movie!Enjoy!

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with love for healthy food
Christin K.