Quinoa The Queen Of Superfoods

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today’s post is a diet post and it is about you who are are too active during your day and need more energy and fuel.Hooray!!!


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What Is Quinoa

The Quinoa is shrub whose sheeds can be eaten and you can find it in many colours: white , red , black and blue.The scientific name is Chenopodium quinoa an it belongs to the family of pseudo whole grains. Taste and nutrition are similar among the colors. White quinoa tends to cook up fluffier, while red quinoa and black quinoa have a crunchier texture and the grains don’t stick together as much.


What Does It Contain?

The quinoa was of great nutritional importance in the pre-Columbian cultures of the Andes. It was the second main food after potatoes and followed by corn. At first glance IT resembles morphologically with the well-known weed lambsquarters and is characterized by the wide variety of colors and inflorescences of the fruit.

Today it is highly esteemed for its nutritional value and the United Nations have classified it as a superfood for its high protein content (13%).

In contrast to the rice or wheat, which are low in lysine, quinoa contains balanced content of essential amino acids for humans, making unusually complete foodstuff.

Although in practice it is a seed, the whole grain quinoa is considered a good source of fiber.

Quinoa contains Omega 3 fats, which do not harm the heart.If you need phosphorus , magnesium or iron you have to try it contains much of them.Finally it is glutenfree and can be easily digested.



Where Does Quinoa Come From?

The countries with the highest production of quinoa are Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador. In recent years the production is in the process of expanding into different geographical regions of the world, among them, and Greece, as the plant grows easily in some Greek soil and weather conditions and is resistant to drought and salinity.





You Love Salads?Give Quinoa Based Salad A Try


This super meal salad is easy to prepare and has everything you need to be active during your day.

What You Need

1.    100 gr roasted chicken

2.   1 cup of quinoa

3.   1 cup of chopped orange

4.   1  cup of purple cabbage

5.   1/2 cup of foray

6.   1 cup of green salad


For The Salad

1.     The juice of the other half orange

2.     2  tablespoons of balsamic vinegar

3.     1 1/2 tablespoon of olive oil

4.     sald

5.     1/4 tablespoon of paprika if you like


First of all you roast the chiken.Then you rinse the quinoa and boil it until  it swells.In the meantime  you peel the vegetables and then cut the orange and the vegetables.Keep the juice.

When the chicken and the quinoa is ready 

Take a plate and mix the chicken , the quinoa , the vegetables and the orange in it.

Then mix in another plate the orangejuice , the balsamic , the olive oil , the sald and the paprica – if you want!!!!

Pour it over the salad and ready



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