5 Awesome Workouts To Get Super Fit

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how are things going? Hope well! And wish you a little bit more sun than I am getting. Too sad but true. I am not really complaining, but I miss the feeling of the sun burning your skin. So I totally wait for my summer holidays in Greece, see family and friends and enjoy the hotness. But until then we have some work to do.

As I mentioned in my previous post I am in my cutting phase, this literally means less carbs, no sugar, no ”bad” fat and more protein. I don’t feel hungry because I eat every three hours but it is still hard. My body is used to get treated once in a while with chocolate but these days are gone – at least for a while.

I am trying to lower my body fat percentage but at the same time keep the muscles I gained. This means that I do 5-6 hours per week cardio. When the weather is nice I run ( preparing also for my half marathon in May ), indoors I prefer the stepper and I also count for cardio my dance classes and the time I spend making new choreos and filming them. Also I do 4 times per week weight training and once per week HIIT training or anything new I want to try. This is how we got to this post. After searching and trying I came to my favorite top 5 web workouts from other super cool fitness people that exist there and you totally have to check them out. These workouts are new, fresh and their main goal is to make you super fit in less time.

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It is an amazing TABATA workout that will make you burn tons of calories. Oh yes we love that! You will need a a dumbbell, jump rope and slam ball. Also the workout is in pictures so you can download it! Hooray!


This girl is crazy and I love her – you will love her too. She is crazy and her fitness workouts are crazier. For this workout you will need a pair of dumbbells and your best mood. La la la!

3. 15-Minute Legs & Butt Slider Workout (+Video!) by pumpsandiron.com

This girl has a really wonderful blog with tons of routines, recipes and fitness love. I check her daily and I get super excited when she posts something new. She has also a brand new Youtube Channel so go and follow her. You won’t regret it! The only thing you need for this lower body workout is something to slide on the surface you will train. Watch the video for more details here.


To be honest I love to watch this girl. So in this post she was traveling and stopped the car in different places to show the moves. So no equipment needed. Great video! Check it out here and subscribe to her channel she deserves it.

5. 15-Minute 150-Calorie Burning Workout | Class FitSugar by popsugar.com

We love popsugar and especially their classes. The energy and the workout structure is amazing! A pair of dumbbells is all you need for this workout. If you don’t have dumbbells use 2 bottles of water. Ready to sweat? Check the video here.


I hope you like the workouts. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me.

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