Coffetalk #3 Eat Your Way To Happiness

Hello my 2activelabers, today we will talk a little bit on how healthy eating does not affect only your health but also your mood. So, how can food make you a happier person? Continue reading! Many people might neglect the importance of eating right to our human vitality. This fact should be realized and coherently […]

3 Tips That Will Change Your Life

Hello my 2activepeople, today is one of those days you want to spread the love worldwide and cannot accept that people can be unhappy for meaningless reasons. Now it is your turn to say that what is meaningless for me can mean the world for someone else. I totally agree! It can also be that […]

Art Yoga & Nature

Hello my 2activepeople, how was your weekend?Monday today!3 days before Christmas and 10 before 2016 arrives.Yupiii!No workout today but a little inspiration.You know the days that you are really bored and search the instagram for no reason!That’s how I found Crystal Bargholz and her rocking instagram page.It was obvious that she was posting Yoga poses […]

Me Myself And I

Hello guys, happy Wednesday.Today’s post is all about me and how to set goals and achieve them.All this time we are talking about fitness, new training methods and workouts that will change you drastically.But have you ever wondered who I am?   Well let’s begin….   My name is Kalliopi and I am from Greece.I […]