5+1 Best Free Fitness Apps In 2016

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how is your week so far? I hope everything is going as planned. Now that my Uni obligations are almost over I am getting more and more obsessed with my training, my diet and the planning of them. I used to spend hours and hours counting my macros and calories and tracking my cardio and lifting sessions. But since I started working at The Village Leisure Club in Swansea I came across a fitness tracker named MyZone. It is a heart rate monitor, a belt, that tracks your effort live if you are at an affiliate gym Β or out of the gym through the app. And I loved it! I use it every time I workout and I know exactly how hard I try and how many calories I burn. After that I searched for other popular apps that can help you carry your workouts with you or apps that can help you actually lose weight by tracking your food or even earn money for charity for each mile you run. Since we love free stuff, here are the 5+1 best free fitness apps I found and tested. There are apps for all tastes ( runners, lifters, working mums who don’t have enough time ) so choose yours.

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#Charity Miles

Free for IOS and Android


In this app for each mile Β you walk, run or bike you earn money for charity. You choose a charity and begin to kill these miles. You actually work as part of a team and get motivated from other users to keep going. It is the best app for you that love to keep yourselves in motion during the day and your workouts are mostly cardio based. Runners just love it! The feeling that each mile you complete is a gift for someone is more than motivating.



Free for IOS and Android


This application actually goes with a FitBit tracker but you don’t need to buy one. You can track your workouts, steps and the calories you burn with your smartphone. Smart? Yep! If you love running you can also track your pace and time and stay motivated by choosing the use of voice cues. Wow! FitBit is a whole community so you can get new friends and share your workouts and stats with them.


#Jefit Workout

Free for IOS and Android


This is for gym freaks and covers all the fitness levels, whether you are a bodybuilder or a beginner. You can create your own workouts and keep them in one place. Also you can track your rest time and analyze your data for maximum effort. If you are new to fitness this app provides you with a variety of workouts that will help you get smoothly into your fitness journey. This app is the best fitness buddy you will ever have!


#Lose it

Free for IOS and Android


If your goal is to lose weight this is your dream tool. ”Lose it” provides you with very easy to use tools to track what you eat and what you do. You set your own goals ( pounds you want to lose, how active you want to be ) and the app gives you the tools you need to achieve them. You can get even a personalized diet plan for some extra money but this is of course optional and if you ask me you don’t need to, the free version is more than enough.


#My Fitness Pal

Free for IOS and Android


This is the app I mostly use to track my macronutrients. It has the largest nutrition and food database I have ever seen. There are really no words for this app. You can plan what you will eat in your day just by searching your favorite foods and selecting them. That way you know if you are in your safe zone or if you have eaten to much. Also, you can connect other fitness track devices like FitBit to the application and have a complete fitness guide in your phone.


+1 #Official 7 Minute Workout | Johnson & Johnson

Free for IOS and Android


If you are a busy bird but still want to follow a healthy and fit life this app is totally designed for you. It provides tons of mini workouts that are very easy to follow. You can workout anywhere and anytime. At the gym, at home or at the office, it doesn’t really matter you only need 7 minutes. But this is only the beginning. As your fitness level improves you can choose among 72 exercises and customize your own workouts. Heaven!


What is your favorite fitness app?

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