The Hottest Fitcouple Ever

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motivation Tuesday!!!Now that it is Winter and too cold to go outside,it is time to fall in love !Ok I am kidding BUT admit it the picture of the two of you doing staff together, laughing and having fun is too cute.If you are single no worries keep reading and take your best friend for support and motivation.Today’s post is about fitcouples and how the power of two can make you achieve things you wouldn’t achieve alone!


The Hottest Fitcouple Ever


The calisthenics beast Frank Medrano and his super strong and sexy girlfriend Antoniette Pacheco give us a super fitcouple lecture!They are partners in life and motivate and help each other every day to achieve their goals. Antoniette says that she loves the way she feels when she gets a level higher and he watches and Frank calls her his one and only inspiration.I can’t stop watching the video they are the hottest fitcouple I have ever seen.


The Hottest Fitcouple Ever


Watch the hottest fitcouple ever rocking the gym alternative


Do you train with your boyfriend or girlfriend?

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