”Running in Wales” Part 1

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what can be a bigger push or motivation to start running than a marathon?It doesn’t matter if it is a half marathon, 10k or a runfest, the point is that you will start moving and oh yes! challenge yourself.You don’t like challenges?Well I sugggest you start love them – you will learn things about yourself you didn’t even imagine, you will get one step closer to your inner best and if you really get into it you may adopt a new fit habit or become a marathoner?Why not!Thank’s to the internet and a few hours of research here are the Upcoming ”Running in Wales” events of 2016, so no excuses and if I missed an event please let me know in the comments!If you noticed the title of my post is ”Running in Wales” Part 1, there will be also Part 2 with tons of running tips and A Running Guide To Success so stay tuned even if you don’t live in Wales!!!If you have allready decided to participate in a ”Running in Wales” Event or in another running event and want to start from tomorrow and you don’t know what to do check out my latest post on how to get started here.


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Upcoming ”Running In Wales” Events Of 2016

February 14, 2016: Village Bakery Wrexham Half

February 28, 2016: St David’s Day Run

March 5, 2016: Mumbles Duathlon

March 6, 2016: Anglesey Half Marathon

March 6, 2016: Newport Half Marathon


March 26, 2016: World Half Marathon, Cardiff

April 17, 2016: Great Welsh Marathon

April 24, 2016: Offa’s ‘Orror (near Tintern)

May 29, 2016: Snowdonia Half Marathon

June 18, 2016: Trail Marathon Wales

June 25, 2016: Runfest Wales


June 26, 2016: Swansea Half Marathon

July 30, 2016: North Wales Half Marathon

August 20, 2016: Race the Train

September 18, 2016: Ironman Wales


September 18, 2016: Admiral Swansea Bay 10k

September 2016: Cardiff 10k

October, 2016: Abersoch Half Marathon


Photos of Gower Duathlon 2009 By martin and Liz Ennis

Even if you are not from Wales, but you are a marathon freak I guarantee that you will love running in this beautiful Country.Wales pure nature and the breathtaking views will help you complete the race with more passion and joy.Furthermore, a Welsh meal and drink in a traditional Welsh Pub will be the best after race treat you have ever had.So what do you think of running in Wales?


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