Vlog #3 – How To Get Bigger Boobs???

Hey guys,

enjoying life? I hope so! As not promised my vlog is up and I cannot stop laughing? This time I have a vlogging stick and I found it easier to talk like a crazy person to myself in public. The bad thing whenever I film myself is that I am so close to a camera that I almost scare myself to death because I can see ( and you too ) all the bad details in my face. But for now I don’t want to hide anything or put tons of make up on me, maybe when I feel that I cannot look at myself anymore. Of course this is all about me and being sarcastic, but who doesn’t want to be beautiful? I hope you enjoy the video, if you do give it a big thumbs up and subscribe. If you don’t give it a big thumbs up again for being a crazy person in public. I love you all and I will see you in my next video!

Vlog #3 – How To Get Bigger Boobs???




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