G-board – The future of personal travel

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happy goodie Friday!Today I want to  introduce you to the number one christmas present of USA the ” g-board ”!Never heard of it? G-board is the new way of self-travel.Chris Brown, Kylie Jenner, Justin Bieber and many others are using it.


G-board - The future of personal travel


The first time I saw it was last year when I was looking to buy a scooter and I actually tried it.You can’t describe exactly what you feel when you are ”riding” it.You feel like flying!

Choose from the Gboard 1 the most advanced Gboard so far with bigger, more responsive pressure pads or the Gboard 3 with Bluetooth, the original and the best Gboard.


G-board - The future of personal travel


So How Does The Gboard Work?

It’s all in the movement! If you lean forward, then Gboard goes forward. Lean backwards, left or right and it will do exactly that. The ‘Pedal’ controls everything – its two pressure pads that allow Gboard to respond to your movements. It’s like riding a bike and we estimate that an adult takes just 10 minutes to learn how to use a Gboard! Once you have the hang of it you will be Gboarding everywhere with ease. It really is that simple!

Gboard is the future of personal travel. Join the revolution today.


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Do it like a celebrity!



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