20+ Things A Fitness Addict Must Do

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inspirational friday today!Oh I love these funny posts – I love reading them in other blogs also!They just make your day because you realize that you are not the weirdest person on earth and that there are more crazy staff to do in your life.

So either you love fitness from the time you were born or you just got that habit there are several things you have to do to call yourself a fitness addict.Some things are weird, some funny, some totally not you and some you have already done.If you wanna know what to do as  a fitness addict here are 20+ must do’s….

20+ Things A Fitness Addict Must Do

1. Take part to a marathon – 5k?10k?3k? It doesn’t matter even if you like running – you just have to

2. Go to a fitness weekend and take actually a class (not just for the hot bodies)

3. Meet new fit friends from the gym or the park you are working out and go for a coffee

4. Have the best outfit for every workout

5. Know the best internet sites and blogs for workouts , clean eating and healthy living

6. Be an expert about protein shakes , powders , vitamins etc

7. Know all about body function and anatomy

8. Know all the new fitness trends  and upcoming workout trends

9. Have all the fitness accessories that make your life easier

10. Fall in love with a trainer

11. Be an expert in gym selfies

12. Exercise at 3 pm in the morning to not skip a workout

13. Be obsessed about clean eating and healthy habits

14. Have personal relationship with your trainer

15. Post before and after pics of yourself

16. Be proud of your flat belly and show it to everyone

17. Make yourself an expert to the girl or boy next to you that needs some help

18. Be part of all the fitness groups in faceboook , twitter ,likedin etc

19. Have a big fight with your mother because her food is too fatty and you don’t wanna eat it

20. Spend hours in front of the mirror taking funny poses

21. Date a fitness addict like you

22. Buy your own equipment for traveling like TRX

23. Have more fitness clothes than normal clothes

24. Keep a workout calendar

25. Keep a diet calendar

Well if you ask me I have done all 25 and I am proud of it.

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