Twerkout – The New Fitnesstrend

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today it is all about booty.So do you twerk?You can see more and more twerking videos popping up at Youtube, Vimeo and Facebook.I feel like every girl is twerking nowadays and I am gonna introduce you the best of them.But let’s take it step by step.First of all I twerk and I actually taught twerkout lessons so I will speak from my own experience.



When I first heard about it in 2013 I had in mind those super booty black girls dancing at parties and doing contests.



But in reality it is a little bit different. Twerk is a type of dancing and its origins are controversial.The first candidate is West Africa with the ”mapouka” dance and the second candidate is ancient Greece with the  “Kordaks“ or “Kordax“ dance.Twerk became known in early 1990s hitting the American hip hop scene.From then its popularity raises day by day and it has become the new fitness trend of 2015….



It is actually not so difficult to twerk and after little practice you get it.One typical twerkout class has a warm up (cardio with twerking moves) with a good stretching routine, practice of new moves with a choreo based on them and finally a cool down with stretching.Easy to read but not exactly to do.It is actually a very strong and effective fitness routine – you don’t only use your glutes but your whole body.Imagine to be in a plank position and trying to move your butt up and down.Difficult?Yes!Effective?Oh yes!If you ask me I had so much fun teaching it and my girls also….so if you love dancing but also need an effective workout check your nearest gym or dance studio if there are any classes!




Not convinced? Watch twerkout queens ”Fraules” and ”Anet”  and change your mind….








Also I found this funny contest video just to make you laugh….


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